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Church Bus Sales vs. Passenger Vans

The determination by the National Transportation Safety Board that the 15 passenger van is dangerous due to it's tendency of rollover risks during reflex traffic maneuvers or tire blow outs was part of the reason for the increase shuttle bus sales and makes an easy decision when it comes to Church Bus Sales vs. Passenger Vans. After the 15 passenger van was declared dangerous, the insurance industry stepped in and either canceled or raised their rates on van policies. Thus, the mini to midsize bus became very popular. Because of the lower center of gravity there is less likelihood of a rollover, making it the safer vehicle.

Watch the video below, if you are not already aware of the problems with passenger vans, it will probably change the way you think about passenger vans forever.

60 Minutes II Passenger Van Rollover Risks Report

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Where can I sell my Passenger Van?

Good question! With all the people wanting to rid themselves of passenger vans, their resale value has become very low. Also the question of selling the passenger van to someone else to use as a passenger van would lay heavy on most peoples conscience.

The best idea would be to sell the passenger van as a work van, in which they where originally designed. Or you could donate your passenger van to charity and write it off on your taxes. In the case of a church owning a passenger van, they could ask a member to buy the passenger van, and then he (or she) can donate to charity for the tax break.

A non-profit organization contacted me and asked if I would list their information for donating vans, they are a 501c3 corp. and can give tax receipts.
You can find them on the web at


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